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Orlite Industries
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NEW - Premium Cabinets with Glass Blooming Protection

Orlite Industries will present it's new technology - PIMC in Hannover Messe 2009
PIMC - Powder In Mould Coating
The premium cabinet produced with PiMC (Powder In-Mould Coating) technology based on powdered polyester resin used in combination with SMC, create a chemical bonded layer on SMC surface as integral protective coating.
The result, exceptional improves surface quality:
      High resistance to UV also in harsh environment.
      Aesthetic appearance for long years.
      Scratch, abrasion and corrosion resistance.
      Handling, assembling and packing of the products can be performed as usual.
      Cheaper and better solution than paint.
      Withstands graffiti removal chemicals better than paint.
The novelty process offers a reliable solution for the protection of Distribution Cabinets normally intended outdoors under any climate condition around the world . 
For more information please contact: info@orlite.co.il

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 NEW - Premium Cabinets with Glass Blooming Protection