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Orlite Industries
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Cabinets by Line
  ORLINE 2000
Cabinets 850mm heigth
Cabinets 1100mm height
Cabinets 1250mm height
Bases 340mm height
Bases 540mm height
Bases 900mm height
Bases 1200mm height
  ORLINE 6000
Cabinet 380mm deep
Cabinet 415mm deep
Cabinet 420mm deep
Cabinet 470mm deep
Bases 380mm deep
Bases 420mm deep
Bases 470mm deep
  ORLINE 7000
Cabinets 300mm width
Cabinets 500mm width
Cabinet 700 mm width
  ORLINE 8000
2 Comp. 320mm deep
2 Comp. 380mm deep
2 Comp. 575mm deep
1 comp. 700mm deep
1 comp. 840mm deep
  ORLINE 5000

Aesthetic and Compact Cabinet & pedestals.
Height 950, 1100 Width: 500,700,300 Depth 230,300mm

A New generation of Aesthetic cabinet specially designed for meter, low voltage power distribution, temporary power supply and other applications.

Designed Cabinet 1100 mm height, 300 mm width, 300 mm depth
Compact Cabinet 950 mm height, 500 mm width, 250 mm depth
Compact Cabinet 950 mm height, 700 mm width, 250 mm depth