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Orlite Industries Milestones

  • Orlite Industries Millennium 2000 Ltd. was instituted on November 12, 1959 as a private company named " Orlite Engineering Ltd." by a local company and 2 investors from the US. The company operated until 1965 as a manufacturer of commercial civil fiberglass parts.
  • During 1965  IAI- Israel Aircraft Industries acquired 50% of Orlite and in 1977 completed the acquisition of 100% of Orlite's ownership. With IAI's entrance into management Orlite had entered into manufacturing of aircraft parts and over the years began producing parts for the defense industry as well. In addition Orlite continued to manufacture commercial products such as safes.
  • At October 8th 1980 the ownership of Orlite was sold to Ampel and Poalim Investments. During this time Orlite expanded its activities to include production of helmets, ammunition containers, polyester cabinets (electricity, communication etc.) In addition Orlite continued to produce Aviation/Aerospace parts.
  • On April 19th 1992 Orlite turned into a public company from a private organization.
  • On November 6th 1995 Orlite's company was changed to " Orlite Industries 1959 Ltd"
  • From 1998 onwards Orlite has invested in various industrial organizations and in its industrial activities.
  • In 2000 Orlite's industrial activities were placed under a new company name "Orlite Industries Millennium 2000 Ltd." While the mother company "Orlite Industries 1959 Ltd." became a holding company, under which several companies where active. 
  • During 2007 and 2008 Orlite changed ownership once again, as control of the company at first and complete ownership later was acquired by Fimi investment fund, the largest private equity fund in Israel. Since then Orlite is no longer traded and became a private company once again.
  • During April 2008, undergoing organizational changes the name of Orlite Industries 1959 Ltd was changed to "Inrom Industries".
    Inrom is headed by CEO Mr. Eldad Ben-Moshe, and holds 5 companies other than Orlite, all those companies are "traditional industry" companies.
  • The company is located in the Industrial Zone of Ness Ziona on a 12,500 square meters location.