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  1. Compression Molding:
    A technique of thermoset molding in which the molding compound is placed in the open mold cavity, the mold is then closed and heat and pressure are applied until the material is cured.
  2. Cold Molding :
    Matched die press molding process using a catalyst system requiring no external heat. 

  3. Filament Winding:
    A composite fabrication process which consists of winding a continuous reinforcing fiber (impregnated with resin) around a rotating and removal form (mandrel).
  4. Autoclave Molding:
    A molding method in which, after final lay-up, an entire assembly is put into a stream or electrically heated autoclave at elevated pressure. Additional pressure achieves higher reinforcement loadings and improved removal of air.
  5. Resin Transfer Molding (R.T.M.):
    The transfer of catalyzed resin into an enclosed mold in which the fiber reinforcement has been placed.
  6. Vacuum Bag Molding
    A process for molding composites in which a film material is placed over the lay-up on the mold and sealed so that a vacuum can be applied to allow atmospheric pressure to help form the composite.
  7. Tube Molding :
    A unique one step manufacturing process of tubes or any 3D parts with 1, 2 or multi openings.