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Orlite is a major supplier of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies for the Aerospace industry.

Among our product lines are passenger to cargo conversion kits for 737, 747 and 767, Structural and semi structural parts for business jets, Scoops and Ducting systems for air and waste, UAVs and UAV components and assemblies, Radomes and much more.

Our conversion kit consists of the following:

  •  Side panels
  •  Ceiling
  •  Smoke Partition
  •  Floor
  •  Rigid Barrier
  •  PSU – passenger service unit
  •  Ducts
  • Galleys
  •  Ladder compartment
  • And all other interior accessories such as smoke detectors and ligh house. 

Aircraft Structural and Semi-Structural Assemblies:

  •  Fairings
  •  Radomes
  •  Doors
  •  Panels
  •  Air scoops
  •   And more…

 Ducting systems:

  • Air-conditioning Ducting system
  • Fluid Ducting system
  • Platform Ducting system
  • Air Scoops
  • And more…


  •  UAVs complete body
  •  Wings
  •  Landing gears
  •  Radomes
  •  StructuresAnd more…
 Orlite poses the needed skills and capabilities in order to both manufacture the parts and assemble them into a higher tier product thus giving our customers a higher added value solution such as supply chain management and "one stop shop" approach.